Christmas buffet

Christmas Buffet 2023

Restaurant Pörssi in the Helsinki Stock Exchange Building goes above and beyond at Christmas.

Renowned for its lavish Christmas banquets, Restaurant Pörssi offers not just opulent mains but also an elaborate assortment of starters, from duck’s liver pateé to salmon tartare.

The venue’s stunning backdrop, its sophisticated menu and the spectacle of tableside carvery make for a truly unique setting for your Christmas festivities.

Christmas buffet:
8. – 22.12.2023

Mon-Fri 11.30-14.30 & 17.30-21.00
Sat 12.00-15.00 & 17.30-21.00
22.12. sitting 11.30-14.30



Whitefish roe, sour cream and red onion (L,G)
Madeira marinated herring (D,G)
Herring in mustard sauce (L,G)
Marinated baltic herring with lemon and fennel (L,G)
Marinated baltic herring with garlic (L,G)
Salmon tartare and dill sauce (L,G)
Shrimp Skagen (D,G)

Christmas sausages and House made mustard (L,G)
Roast beef and remoulade sauce (L,G)
Meat aspic (D,G)
Glazed duck’s liver pateé and fig compote (L,G)
Peppered chicken and apple compote (L,G)

Mushroom salad (L,G) Waldorf salad a´la Börs (D,G)
Beetroots glazed with spruce syrup (D,G)
Pickled vegetables (D,G)
Roasted cabbages, blue cheese cream and nuts (LL,G)
Salads with truffle oil (D,G)
Boiled potatoes (L,G)
Selection of fresh bread and butter (L)


Roasted veal and tarragon sauce (L,G)
Stewed salmon and maximilian sauce (L,G)
Roasted potatoes (L,G)


Yule Log (L)
Caramel and chocolate mousse (L,G)
Port wine plums and vanilla foam (L,G)
Fruit juiced with rum and redcurrant sauce (D,G)
Cheeses (LL,G), gooseberry compote (D,G) ja
caraway crispbread (D,G)

Christmas Buffet €64.00

12 years old and younger €2.00/year.

We add the cloakroom service €3.50/person to the bill.

We reserve the rights to make changes