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Pörssitalo Buffets 1.1.2020-31.12.2020

Canapes – 1pcs / 4.20€/person

We recommend a selection of 3 canapes

Boletus quiche
Onion quiche
Cold smoked salmon and horseradish crème
Fried scampi tails with sesame seeds
Bruschetta with avocado and black beans
Fish roe mousse in crustade

Passion tart
Chocolate in three ways
Brie with caramelized nuts
Berry tart

Our recommendations as buffet

Please choose from below a selection of cold appetizers, a warm main course and the sweet ending of you meal.

STARTERS – 39.00€

Starters “Linna”

Cold smoked salmon and Dijon vegetables
Whitefish with lime sauce
Chili prawns and marinated vegetables
Fruity chicken salad and orange vinaigrette
Rosemary beef and parmesan cream
Green salad and truffle oil
House bread and spread

Starters “Sonck”

Smoked Arctic char salad
Crab cakes
Corn chicken breast and tarragon mayonnaise
Pepper flavored beef and mustard potato salad
Feta and red onion salad
Green salad and truffle oil
House bread and spread


Blazed whitefish and Beurre Blanc sauce
Salmon stewed in white wine and crab sauce
Grilled corn chicken breast and marsala sauce
Thyme roasted lamb fillet and paprika Demi-Glace

DESSERTS – 6.00€

Lime posset
Caramel and chocolate mousse

Buffet Grand Börs á 68.00€

Fish roe cake
Roasted Arctic char and truffle-flavored cauliflower salad
Crayfish Skagen
Breast of goose and redcurrant sauce
Smoked fillet of beef and horseradish mayonnaise
Green salad with champagne vinaigrette
House bread and butter

Grilled tenderloin with mushroom potatoes and black pepper sauce
Smoked whitefish and mushroom sauce

Dessert assortment “Grand Dessert”

You can also order both main courses for extra fee of 13.00€ / person.

Cocktail and salad buffets 1.1.2020-31.12.2020

Börs Cocktail à 47,00€

Crab Caesar Salad
Grilled salmon with marinated black salsify and apple
Chicken breast with lettuce and seasonal vegetables
Roast fillet and garlic cream
Mediterranean vegetables and basil
Green salad and olive oil
Fresh baguette

Salad à la Börs à 43,00€

Crayfish Salad
Marinated Arctic char
Corn chicken with black currant and rosemary jam
Roast veal and pickled mushrooms
Salad of roasted vegetables
Fresh baguette

Prices valid until further notice. We reserve the right to make product and price changes.